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Neil Shekhter – NMS - Millennials - The Next Wave of Single Family Rental Investors?

If you're looking for something to invest in like the stock market, you might want to take a look at Real Estate. There are many perks for investing in Real Estate, such as tax benefits and appreciation. Estimated returns from real estate can be as high as 2-1. 

According to Neil Shekhter, it is an attractive investment to those who became wary from this last recession because it's one of the best investments out there. Unlike most investments, real estate is one of those investments which offers tangibility and control. With the baby boomers slowly getting into their retirement phase, millennials are quickly becoming the next generation in America to reshape the economy. 

This generation has the power to reshape the economy as we know it and they have their eyes focused on real estate as a viable investment choice more than any generation before them. According to RealityShares, millennials almost tend to prefer real estate over stocks and other investment options while other generations tended to prefer options like the stock market. Millennials are most likely to invest in areas which could potentially provide a solution to our larger social and economic problems. 

Millennials have shown an interest to make investments which are responsible and impactful compared to their predecessors. Real Estate has the potential to help provide housing to another person or families in need, which is the types of investments today’s generation are drawn to. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, millennials made up almost two thirds of all first-time homebuyers in 2017, Explains Neil Shekhter, chief executive officer of NMS Properties

Nearly two-thirds of the generation are saving for a down payment for their new home and they’re excited about the opportunities found in real estate investing and of those investors just over eighty percent of them wish the process was easier. Just over half of millennials who are interested in real estate investment want to buy another place outside of their primary home. has cited that cities are the most likely places millennials would like to live in and expensive cities like Seattle and San Francisco made the top 10 cities. Some millennials who are on a tighter budget might choose a city like Dallas or Philadelphia where home prices are more affordable and potentially offer higher returns. 

Neil Shekhter stated that Millennials have started to change their strategies when it comes to their investment strategies. Online searches enable millennials to skip calling a local agent all together and go with a lender first. Experienced real estate firms are now going after referrals from their lender. 

Agencies such as Loan Depot's Mello Home and Quicken Loan's In-House Realty Service connects pre-approved buyers with verified agents in their local market. This marketing strategy is helpful towards millennials who are technologically inclined, this method is likely to begin being used right around the corner. We can expect some serious changes in the real estate market over the coming years thanks to the potential investments of this younger generation.
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